Monday, 14 June 2010

Discipline the battle between emotions and reason

How we perceive existence and everything we experience within it depends on our senses and external conditions which are in constant flux with no fixed nature to any condition, which in turn can reduce mental clarity and the ability to focus and will interfere with decision making, changing situations, insightfulness and impartiality. This causes a state of ignorance towards reality, discriminating against circumstance in order to fulfill a craving that is beyond reasoning.

Suffering and negativity within a sentient being is caused by craving, expressed as a deluded clinging to a nurtured sense of existence, selfhood or the things that we have been led to believe is the cause of a positive or negative emotion, then freewill and reality may become an induced illusion, as though it is being controlled by an external force. When it reaches the point where one craves that a certain state of affairs should disappear or change, the illusion is reinforced. Suffering ends when craving ends, which is achieved through a liberated state of mental enlightenment, which in turn leads to clarity and wisdom.

True liberation is not simply freeing a sentient being from suffering, (because that alone will simply push them towards an ongoing cycle of positive and negative situations, which will be difficult to escape from, and will reinforce the craving even further); it is guiding them towards freeing themselves, using a method which is deemed necessary. The negativity (for example greed, hatred and delusion) is a deep rooted affliction of the mind, creating suffering and stress, which needs to be uprooted through internal investigation and discovery, which will reveal the true of one’s self and all things within reach of one’s senses.

A person can only channel this sense of freedom and potential liberation outwards, as the craving has to escape from where it originated in the first place or else it will still manifest, this then leaves a void to be filled by mindfulness, which in turn has the effect of an enlightened perception of reality. Thinking and thought must not be allowed to confine and bind one to rigidity, so a person must learn to regularly mentally ‘detox’ in order maintain a pure mind, and make sure this routine becomes part of who they are. There are many things in life that are beyond our control. However, it is possible to take responsibility for and to change one’s state of mind, as we owe it to ourselves and to the future generations that the human condition can progress beyond the unpredictable and unfocused state it is in right now in order to prove we are beings more advanced than the animals we share this planet with.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Reality check

Population growth is a real difficulty for many developed and developing nations, and it is firmly embedded in the birth to death ratio. Basically too many children are being born and not enough of us are dying quickly enough. That doesn't mean that a few sections of society have too many children per family unit but that too many people have children full stop, and plenty are neglected. The nuclear family is sold to us as the only viable lifestyle choice and there are important economic and social reasons for this but we need to get real now.

Rising crime, over crowded cities, waste, ethnic unrest, lack of resources like power, water, roads, schools, houses etc and no suitable land available to build more on means alot of people are going to lose out as a result. Most island nations have populastion and immigration controls except the UK, it has to change if the children we do have are to have any sort of a decent future.

For the population to decrease we need people to start looking at a 'childless life' as a viable option and this needs to be sustained for a period. Of course it's a natural instinct for human beings to want to procreate and raise offspring but that is normally checked by the harsh realities of the natural world - something we will have to face on a catastrophic scale if we dont address it. We have have almost negated these factors now so we have to make hard choices as a society.

Idiotic governments who say we need overseas labour are fools. We can't keep expanding the UK any more, especially, when everyone knows the vast majority of immigrants are going to claim benefits. Therefore, I would like to know from you brightspark pro-immigrant fans, when do you stop it because it will have to sooner or later?? We are already on the verge of social and financial collapse and as
good as there in one respect.

We should follow Australia, New Zealand and other countries by clamping down on immigration, cutting child benefit to one child only. This would be a great help in solving the problem. People would only have the children they could afford to bring up. Also stop all this fertilisation treatment etc. It sounds harsh but back to nature, she will will punish us alot harsher if we dont act!

An over-riding obsession with racism that has dominated brainless social theory has allowed champions of multiculturalism and diversity, backed by organisations to use immigration as their most potent flagship. Anyone expressing even the mildest pragmatic concern has been labelled a racist.

The economic reasons for immigration - filling vacant jobs and attracting skills - have been exploded by recent figures and its only purpose appears to have been a deliberately engineered cultural revolution by the liberal left to justify their ideological high horse. The population growth we now face is merely one in many of its consequences.

It's a global issue and immigration is a tiny symptom of the real underlying cause. Medical advances and hygiene improvement s have led to an explosion in the human population of the planet - from 2.5 billion in 1950 to 6.7 billion in 2006 - almost tripled in 50 years! Look at any environmental issue and this is the cause - too many people. And the delight is that we are all taxed to pay for the rampant breeders to carry on making the problem worse. Breeding is no longer a necessity but a self indulgence and it is time the tax system was refined to put an end to its subsidy. Start with IVF - certainly one we don't need to be paying for, then look at all child subsides and move towards individuals being responsible for their own
life choices. And before anyone starts on the "right to have children", yes and you can also have the "right" to expect most of them to die before reaching maturity - that is not a moral desire it is a fact of nature, and too many people cannot seem to tell the difference when they listen to someone who states the obvious.

And before I get slated by let wingers and humanists.. FACT: If you don't adapt and respond to changing circumstances, you will run into problems individually and collevtively. Intelligence is the ability to do this. Ideology is the ability to ignore it. Anyone that doesn't believe that this will not end in massive civil unrest or war needs to take a fucking reality check.

We need to move on from immigration being something only racists and bigots moaned about and global overpopulation that only aloof scientists and malthusians ever talked about and understand that we need to show some restraint before the consequences of our so called 'rights' bite us up the arse.