Wednesday, 13 July 2011

how intelligent are we?

People will have to get used to the idea that never-ending economic growth and ever-rising living standards are impossible on a finite planet. 1) POPULATION If people live longer, and average family size is small, we cannot remedy the situation by constant immigration or large families. The population of any country cannot grow for ever. The resources are not there. 2)RESOURCES We have trashed the environment. Despite what some think, we are totally dependent on the environment for our food, fresh water, even the air we breathe. We are very likely to run short of energy and food - perhaps soon. If people realise this, are prepared to change their lifestyles & are willing to consume less & use new technology as much as possible the human race can survive. Otherwise - after the rioting - famine, war & disease will reduce the population to what the planet can sustain. The breakdown of civilizations has happened before. How intelligent are we? We have to wake up.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

There is no alternative

The economy cannot recover because we have been, and still are, in a totally untenable cloud cuckoo land. There is no going back, there will be no recovery, the best we can hope for is the economy to stabilize at a liveable level.
As I posted earlier before they reset this thread, we are watching the beginning of the end of western liberal democracy. The decline and fall is going to be long and painful. Many of the things that people take for granted as a "right" are going to disappear, never to return.
The minimum wage, health care free at the point of delivery for benefits dependents and Public Sector workers. It has never been free for the private sector tax payer, they have had to pay not only for themselves but for everybody else as well. Soon everybody will have to pay for themselves at the point of delivery, there is no other way. Care of the elderly, same thing and so on and on until all you get, if you are lucky, is a modicum of law and order, sufficient public works to keep the roads passable, the waste collected occasionally and a helping hand if you do hit rock bottom.
No politician is going to say it, the media don't get it and economists have been exposed for the frauds they are. There is nobody out there who has the faintest clue what to do - just look what is happening in the Eurozne.
Welcome to The Headless Chicken Show.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Prepare yourselves

While experts chortle that human population will level off by 2050, they fail to appreciate that it will continue to grow by adding another two to three billion before that time. Humanity will hit 7.1 billion this year, keep adding 1.0 billion every 13 years and reach 9.2 to 10.0 billion by mid century.

By that time, we will have wrecked the planet beyond repair. We will have killed off tens of thousands of species. We will have poisoned our biosphere and disrupted the environment beyond comprehension. We will have created horrific living conditions in cities around the USA and the planet where human misery dominates everything. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch will be so big and that we'll be able to walk across the Pacific filled with plastic. Our 80,000 poisons will disrupt DNA for animals and ourselves. By 2050, we will be fighting wars for energy and screaming for food.

I laugh myself sick at men like the Pople and other nut-bags that think we can expand the human race forever. The Pope and other major religions stick their heads into the sand and into the past. They are hopeless.

"Most Western elites continue urging the wealthy West not to stem the migrant tide [that adds 80 million net gain annually to the planet], but to absorb our global brothers and sisters until their horrid ordeal has been endured and shared by all-ten billion humans packed onto an ecologically devastated planet." Dr. Otis Graham, Unguarded Gates

Experts think that humans will become suddenly smart by 2050 and start winding down their birth rates. But, by that time, as illiteracy dominates most of those and our society-what do you think illiterate people do-go to the opera? No, they stay home and procreate more of themselves. As humans add 137 million new babies annually, there is no way to educate them, so they will birth more of them. Where did I get those numbers?

Check out that 57 million humans die every year planet-wide. Humans replace that 57 million and add another net gain of 80 million. That's 137 million more babies to educate annually. We cannot do it. Thus, I would like to see how we're going to stop the human herd by 2050.

Finally, the big arbiter will be oil energy. It will not allow us to feed ourselves and our enormous population once it runs out. Even if it didn't run out, we cannot keep up with feeding 10 billion humans because we won't be able to access arable land. But if we could, we still not be able to pay for it as to the horrific cost of energy.

"The cheap oil age created an artificial bubble of plentitude for a period not much longer than a human I hazard to assert that as oil ceases to be cheap and the world reserves move toward depletion, we will be left with an enormous population...that the ecology of the earth will not support. The journey back toward non-oil population homeostasis will not be pretty. We will discover the hard way that population hyper growth was simply a side-effect of the oil age. It was a condition, not a problem with a solution. That is what happened and we are stuck with it." James Howard Kunstler, The Long Emergency

We stand in a Faustian Bargain that will end in Hobson's Choice. Be absolutely certain that Mother Nature enjoys the last laugh. Brutal, benign, ruthless and effective in her ability to cull the human race with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: disease, pestilence, starvation and war.
If we continue on our merry, stupid and arrogant path by adding 100, 200, 300 million to the USA, we will find ourselves in the crosshairs of Mother Nature's final equation. We're well on our way in 2011.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Cold hearted reality in America

Leftist dogma is very tedious. The plain facts are that the wealthiest 10 percent of all Americans pay more than half of all the personal income tax burden of the country (from about 52pc to around 56pc, depending on the year) and the top five percent of the wealthiest Americans pay over 40pc of the income tax. Trying to blame the rich in the USA is just cutting off your genitals to spite your rearend. They keep the country operating, and without their income taxes, the US would go bankrupt in three months.

Leftists must face up to hard, cold reality. Wealthy people are superior to poor and middle-class people. The middle class are average, or mediocre human beings, and poor people are inferior, or below average people. So society has always been, so it is today, and so it will always be. Politics and philosophy have nothing to do with the facts. Emotion doesn't change arithmetic or DNA.

The inferior members of the species are to blame for all that is wrong and bad about human society. They are the burden and anchor dragging civilization back from advancement. It is the responsibility and fault of the below average poor that human society is not better than it could be. They are the people who should be criticized and condemned, because their inferiority is the primary cause of all human problems.

Friday, 18 March 2011

sweeping statement

You're either:

a) Very poorly educated, forming your ideas of the world from what you watch on television or hear from your parents.

b) Angry and lonely.

c) A genuinely malignant waste of the earth's resources.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Monday, 21 February 2011

Human dignity

If two people live in an apartment, and there are two bathrooms, then both have freedom of the bathroom. You can go to the bathroom anytime you want to and stay as long as you want to for whatever you need. And everyone believes in the freedom of the bathroom; it should be right there in the Constitution.

But if you have twenty people in the apartment and two bathrooms, no matter how much every person believes in freedom of the bathroom, there is no such thing. You have to set up times for each person, you have to bang at the door: "Aren't you through yet?" and so on. In the same way, democracy cannot survive overpopulation. Human dignity cannot survive it. Convenience and decency cannot survive it. As you put more and more people onto the world, the value of life not only declines, it disappears. It doesn't matter if someone dies. The more people there are, the less one individual matters.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Money, economics, and delusion

Saying the things that people do not want to hear my not make you many friends but you gains you respect when you turn out to be right! I am shocked as type out this blog. I would have never expected to see such change in this small amount of time but it is happening as I type.

We are now seeing the start of another era of inflation and jerky interest rates. The whole process is inspired by the foolishness of QE. When interest rates start to creep up and then shoot up we experience a massive public and private sector debt inspired financial blow-out. A financial blow-out of far great economic pain then would have been caused by fessing-up to bad debt and cleaning it out of the financial system in the first place. When interest rates shoot up everyone is going to be forced to remember the vast amount of bad debt hanging around in the financial system, we are in the eye of the storm, the 2008 financial crisis was the opening act.

We are now seeing the start of a global political process whereby the Middle East is freeing itself from regimes that were stood up by Western governments not so long ago. Once the Middle East countries free themselves where do you think they will politically lean? Will the new Middle East regimes politically lean towards the East or West?

It is clear to me that the outcome of political unrest in the Middle East is the start of a process whereby this region falls under the political influence of China. The Chinese will gain control over the regions oil reverses and a very young population of consumers, they used us in the West as a tug ship to get onto dry land, now they are not waterlogged and can walk on their own two feet the fate of the world is in their hands.

In the case of the UK especially, it is a combination of ignorance and delusion. Trying to trade with Europe alone is lke flogging a dead horse, the court of human rights will eventually lower the rights of everyone. State dependency will mean that a huge number of people are going to have a miserable future, it has been so intertwined with mindset that we cannot imagine a society without welfare. Students who grew up in the New Labour era demanding free university education so they can go and study philosophy is clearly absurd. China's growth is a massive opportunity for the brand Britain to export there, niche-marketing for high tech and sustainable products, but we need an army of home grown engineers, scientists and doctors.

The EU, with its unsustainable expensive social model, is living way beyond its means; more so than the USA. China and the other BRIC countries are going to grind us into the dirt. Britain has an opportunity to go its own way and to stand out in the world, all it requires is a bit of creative thinking, which can only start from a young age. Has the current generation missed the boat?

The Chinese leadership is composed of scientists and engineers who take a long term view and plan accordingly. The West's leaders are mostly lawyers, accountants, career politicians, resting actors, and assorted headline grabbers. They take a short term view of what impact they can make on tomorrow's headlines. Long term planning is a dream some of them have but none implement. That is our downfall in the medium term. The Chinese are trying to copy the industrial practices of the West, but they fail to realise that they must try something bold and new if their brave venture has anything more than 20-30 years to run before mother nature gives up and punishes mankind.

My point is we need to abandon capitalism AND socialism in its current form. Making a huge profit and/or fulfilling everyones needs like magic is never going to be sustainable. The pragmatic rulebook needs to be rewritten. We live in dangerous times. Times are changing and so must ideology. How many hearts and minds, if educated correctly and are properly informed would really want things to carry on the way they are?

Until we in the west being to accept that liberalism, mass migration, paying people to have children who will turn may not contribute anything either thanks to the benefits culture, outsourcing and the obsession with appearing politically correct and "multi-cultural" has all conspired to inflict great damage to our way of life and the traditional norms of our society, in terms of the way we use to work and solve problems; and until people wake up and realise these things without shouting "racism", or "tax the rich" in order to stifle the debate, nothing is going to change. The society that the liberal left has forced upon us since the 1960s, the damn baby boomer generation, with their moral relativism and "diversity" nonsense, created several generations of westerners who don't want to see the bigger picture, equating being proud to be western with racism. And because of this nonsense, they are people who don't know how to defend western civilization against the dangers we now face, both economically and physically, so it's no wonder we are being slowly left behind. We should be setting the example, not China. How right the Enoch Powells' of the western world were. Our obsession with promoting positive discrimination at the expense of merit is simply unforgivable. No wonder nuclear fusion, electric cars and the space programme has ground to a halt and the world is facing a population crisis. We spent so long trying to force ideals on other countries rather than leading by example that we have scared them away.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

sad reality

The 2 most useless concepts that do the most violence to rational thought are blame and justification. In other words it is all someone else's fault, or someone's own particular actions or point of view are somehow justified. These are legalistic concepts to aid the often arbitrary decisions of actual legal systems. However, these otherwise useless concepts stop us from seeing things clearly. They are a means of avoiding uncomfortable facts we find inconvenient and they produce false logic. People can avoid looking at uncomfortable facts and therefore come to false conclusions. They also mean that people refuse to look at the consequences of their own actions by justification. These stupid concepts produce highly egocentric thinking. Nowhere is this clearer than with regard to the human population issue.

Too many people and poor food distribution plus greedy speculation are the problems facing us now. They will pale in comparison to the nightmare of water shortages. Then the shit will hit the fan unless we can tap into the oceans. But at what cost?
If speculators sink their greedy teeth into the supply of water there will be war as millions are displaced in the search for fresh water supplies.
We should get rid of speculation for a start. Next, improve the distribution of food and access to education, and the long term availability on a global scale. Easy to write but I see no other way for the ongoing survival of mankind - if that's the will of the planet.

the predictions are all coming true he was just wrong about timing, we are indeed living on the capital itself and not the interest like any sensible person would. It cannot last and I see no alternative other than to scale back our greedy lifestyles, and that will only buy the human race time.

Maybe someone will discover fusion power so we can actually have electric cars, that only leaves us the problem of what we are going to eat and what all our "stuff" is going to be made of.

I think that people don't want to face the truth about population growth. The fact is that people need to be allowed to be responsible for their own reproduction. Just because you can have six children, does it mean you should? Insisting upon having as many children as you want as a right is ridiculous. It's my right to smear chocolate all over my living room walls but that doesn't mean it's a great idea. In the future, people will have to take more responsibility for the numbers of children they produce. Another uncomfortable fact is that often people who have the largest families rely on the state to feed them. Ordinary people who don't rely on benefits simply don't have huge families because they know they can't afford them. It's controversial - but I think that having any more than four kids is nonsensical. We have birth control now. There are no such thing as 'accidents'. A woman can easily stop getting pregnant. It's time everyone grew up.

The alternatives are only the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.