Sunday, 20 February 2011

Money, economics, and delusion

Saying the things that people do not want to hear my not make you many friends but you gains you respect when you turn out to be right! I am shocked as type out this blog. I would have never expected to see such change in this small amount of time but it is happening as I type.

We are now seeing the start of another era of inflation and jerky interest rates. The whole process is inspired by the foolishness of QE. When interest rates start to creep up and then shoot up we experience a massive public and private sector debt inspired financial blow-out. A financial blow-out of far great economic pain then would have been caused by fessing-up to bad debt and cleaning it out of the financial system in the first place. When interest rates shoot up everyone is going to be forced to remember the vast amount of bad debt hanging around in the financial system, we are in the eye of the storm, the 2008 financial crisis was the opening act.

We are now seeing the start of a global political process whereby the Middle East is freeing itself from regimes that were stood up by Western governments not so long ago. Once the Middle East countries free themselves where do you think they will politically lean? Will the new Middle East regimes politically lean towards the East or West?

It is clear to me that the outcome of political unrest in the Middle East is the start of a process whereby this region falls under the political influence of China. The Chinese will gain control over the regions oil reverses and a very young population of consumers, they used us in the West as a tug ship to get onto dry land, now they are not waterlogged and can walk on their own two feet the fate of the world is in their hands.

In the case of the UK especially, it is a combination of ignorance and delusion. Trying to trade with Europe alone is lke flogging a dead horse, the court of human rights will eventually lower the rights of everyone. State dependency will mean that a huge number of people are going to have a miserable future, it has been so intertwined with mindset that we cannot imagine a society without welfare. Students who grew up in the New Labour era demanding free university education so they can go and study philosophy is clearly absurd. China's growth is a massive opportunity for the brand Britain to export there, niche-marketing for high tech and sustainable products, but we need an army of home grown engineers, scientists and doctors.

The EU, with its unsustainable expensive social model, is living way beyond its means; more so than the USA. China and the other BRIC countries are going to grind us into the dirt. Britain has an opportunity to go its own way and to stand out in the world, all it requires is a bit of creative thinking, which can only start from a young age. Has the current generation missed the boat?

The Chinese leadership is composed of scientists and engineers who take a long term view and plan accordingly. The West's leaders are mostly lawyers, accountants, career politicians, resting actors, and assorted headline grabbers. They take a short term view of what impact they can make on tomorrow's headlines. Long term planning is a dream some of them have but none implement. That is our downfall in the medium term. The Chinese are trying to copy the industrial practices of the West, but they fail to realise that they must try something bold and new if their brave venture has anything more than 20-30 years to run before mother nature gives up and punishes mankind.

My point is we need to abandon capitalism AND socialism in its current form. Making a huge profit and/or fulfilling everyones needs like magic is never going to be sustainable. The pragmatic rulebook needs to be rewritten. We live in dangerous times. Times are changing and so must ideology. How many hearts and minds, if educated correctly and are properly informed would really want things to carry on the way they are?

Until we in the west being to accept that liberalism, mass migration, paying people to have children who will turn may not contribute anything either thanks to the benefits culture, outsourcing and the obsession with appearing politically correct and "multi-cultural" has all conspired to inflict great damage to our way of life and the traditional norms of our society, in terms of the way we use to work and solve problems; and until people wake up and realise these things without shouting "racism", or "tax the rich" in order to stifle the debate, nothing is going to change. The society that the liberal left has forced upon us since the 1960s, the damn baby boomer generation, with their moral relativism and "diversity" nonsense, created several generations of westerners who don't want to see the bigger picture, equating being proud to be western with racism. And because of this nonsense, they are people who don't know how to defend western civilization against the dangers we now face, both economically and physically, so it's no wonder we are being slowly left behind. We should be setting the example, not China. How right the Enoch Powells' of the western world were. Our obsession with promoting positive discrimination at the expense of merit is simply unforgivable. No wonder nuclear fusion, electric cars and the space programme has ground to a halt and the world is facing a population crisis. We spent so long trying to force ideals on other countries rather than leading by example that we have scared them away.

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