Sunday, 12 April 2009


I often ponder on the fate of mankind, I am pretty sure of the direction it is heading, but it really doesnt have to. Does my limited theory of mind capability cause my frustration, or is it because of my logical nature? At first glance the answers may seem obvious. But is it really that simple? I suspect it takes more than just a simple answer.

Why do fear and evil appear to be made for each other, and does all fear stem from being unable or unwilling to understand?

Is dependance as a result of ignorance the product of a consumerist society?

Why is emotion and reason so conflicting, surely opposites attract?

Are alot of people too lazy to think or are they just too scared?

How far will the desire for materialistic gain go before it is too late?

What is worse, a fear of living or a fear of dying?

Why does society in general value short term gain over long term goals?

Is hardship the only way to enforce perspective?

Could fascism potentially secure the future of mankind as a thriving species if morality was viewed from a perspective beyond the lifetime of a mere individual? If not, why not?

Why is communism so brilliant on paper yet so bad in practice?

Is democracy really as good as it sounds, surely it fuels a web of lies and deceit?

Do creativity and conformity directly oppose each other?

If current and past political models do not work as effectively as they should, why hasnt one been developed that does?

Is it mortality that results in selfish thinking, and will this actually aid the downfall of civilisation?

Personality aside, what really defines an act of evil? Intention? Outcome?

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Its official

After months of questioning, doubting, over analyzing, thinking every possibility it was finally spelled out to me in black and white by a professional. I have Aspergers Syndrome. They even asked me how I felt when they said it, bit of a silly question to ask an aspie really, but I simply said 'relieved'.

Not so much a desperation for having a label but more just finding a reason. I do not like to accept situations for how they are, I need to know how and/or why. Even my parents have fully accepted it, which I must say is the biggest relief of all.

I have been virtually convinced that I have AS for roughly a year now, but being told has made me rather philosophical, as it wasnt really a shock out of the blue. Time to stop being all emo with all that angst and self pity, and to start the real journey of self discovery.