Saturday, 11 April 2009

Its official

After months of questioning, doubting, over analyzing, thinking every possibility it was finally spelled out to me in black and white by a professional. I have Aspergers Syndrome. They even asked me how I felt when they said it, bit of a silly question to ask an aspie really, but I simply said 'relieved'.

Not so much a desperation for having a label but more just finding a reason. I do not like to accept situations for how they are, I need to know how and/or why. Even my parents have fully accepted it, which I must say is the biggest relief of all.

I have been virtually convinced that I have AS for roughly a year now, but being told has made me rather philosophical, as it wasnt really a shock out of the blue. Time to stop being all emo with all that angst and self pity, and to start the real journey of self discovery.


Lindsay said...

They even asked me how I felt when they said it...

Ha, yes; that is a very silly question to ask an Aspie.

I wonder if asking "And how does that make you feel?" about everything gets to be almost reflexive for psych professionals.

Anyway, congratulations on getting diagnosed and good luck with figuring out your next steps.

Beastinblack said...

is congratulations the right word? Dunno if it is or not!