Saturday, 18 June 2011

There is no alternative

The economy cannot recover because we have been, and still are, in a totally untenable cloud cuckoo land. There is no going back, there will be no recovery, the best we can hope for is the economy to stabilize at a liveable level.
As I posted earlier before they reset this thread, we are watching the beginning of the end of western liberal democracy. The decline and fall is going to be long and painful. Many of the things that people take for granted as a "right" are going to disappear, never to return.
The minimum wage, health care free at the point of delivery for benefits dependents and Public Sector workers. It has never been free for the private sector tax payer, they have had to pay not only for themselves but for everybody else as well. Soon everybody will have to pay for themselves at the point of delivery, there is no other way. Care of the elderly, same thing and so on and on until all you get, if you are lucky, is a modicum of law and order, sufficient public works to keep the roads passable, the waste collected occasionally and a helping hand if you do hit rock bottom.
No politician is going to say it, the media don't get it and economists have been exposed for the frauds they are. There is nobody out there who has the faintest clue what to do - just look what is happening in the Eurozne.
Welcome to The Headless Chicken Show.

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