Saturday, 9 May 2009

mental freedom

Aspergers is not itself a mental illness, just a different way of looking at the world. The only problem is the differences in priorities, which can conflict with the other end of the human spectrum.

We are afraid of what is different. We are a culture that is afraid of change, yet seek it so badly. We are a society of hypocrites, androids, and ignorants. We thrive on the fact that we are the best country in the world, yet somebody shows any disassociation of routine, we are the first to question and get angry.

Generations past were a free-spirited, mind challenging culture that explored all possibilities no matter the cost. The experience was all they needed as a reward. Now, we are more concerned about money and the family-plan that we sometimes place ourselves on the backburner to life. Wake, eat, and pay the bills. What a sad daily structure that we have. Is it any wonder that ‘mental illness’ is more apparent, and that any differences to the norm get frowned upon so much?

These are the choices that we chose to make, and for anyone to say that they cannot do it, I would have to challenge. You CAN do anything, it is whether you chose to do it is another question. I wonder what it will be like in another 30 years. Where will we be, and will the idea of individualism be lost? I can’t wait to see …

The negative side of freedom … hatred and fear of the unknown or unfamiliar. We bomb a country because they do not follow the same principles that we do, it is no different to judging an individual because they dont think or act that we do.

Moral dilemma follows, the underlying message of individual freedom and nonconformity. Self-enslavement is a popular past-time for today’s culture, anything different is considered a condition or an illness. If this attitude gets worse, like a bunch of fools, we are doomed as the civilisation we are familiar with. This a powerful philosophy we are dealing with here, and I dont mean to sound pretentious, but this is an issue that I an deeply passionate about.

Alot of mental issues are born from people who are unsure of their own place in the world, due to the reasons I have mentioned before, why should they be blamed or ridiculed for it? Why are people not so willing to believe in the goodness of others and give them a chance before judging them instead of labelling them as simply ‘annoying’? Am I wrong in assuming the never-ending intolerance of a conservative society that does not accept the changing and evolution of thought mean that we are chasing after something that doesn’t even need to exist.

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