Thursday, 22 July 2010

Oh the humanity…..

Those who are largely criminal, those only fit for menial jobs, those able people who cannot be bothered to get out of bed each day and those not able to think logically and respond maturely to life either need to be given a fighting chance or forgotten about. I went to a park the other day and it was filled with rubbish. The council comes by every once in a while to clean things up. But the locals come in every weekend in the summer and have picnics and even though there are plenty of bins around, they just leave their rubbish behind, but still moan about what a terrible state the country is in. This is an analogy which is comparable to the way most people treat our planet, they expect to maintain a high standard of living in a civilized society but they don’t intend to give anything back. The rich, the poor, the middle class – everyone is to blame whether they can help it or not.

The champagne socialists and the religious zealots will preach back at me saying "I love people, I wanna have more people" or “people should do things under their own free will…hooman rites!” I'd like to visit these people when them and their kids are starving, living an overflowing trash dump, because there's so much overpopulation and incumbent waste and used up land and resources that there's just not enough to go around and I can simply say I told you so. There's a bunch of additional consequences that pretty little holier than thou comments aren't going to make go away, they are just taking a "heart felt" stance, shooting bile towards people stating the obvious in order to create an emotional response. Either that is to make themselves feel superior due to the fact deep down they probably know they are wrong, or they intend to avoid the truth as it is too painful to face up to. Both are acts of intellectual and emotional immaturity due to imperfections of the ego, but it is amazing how many people do it.

I think less people is a good idea. This isn’t about the people who hit hard times through no fault of their own, it is about the people who are either afraid of the bigger picture or oblivious to it even when it is staring them in the face and are not prepared to make any sort of contribution in order, to do anything about it, and we are not talking about money here. I'm sorry, but we need to either help these people become better citizens of the earth or just not have them at all. We need a society where everybody makes a contribution, and you don’t simply have to slog it out at work and pay taxes to make society and the world we live in better, even the disabled and vulnerable people who cannot contribute physically and/or financially to an economy have something to share. Or in other words the world does not owe us, quite the opposite. The lottery of life has provided us with the gift of existence as human beings, but for some reason we want even more.

It doesn't have to be done by actually killing people or punishing them severely, just limit births and change the nature of our education system to make people more aware of how serious the situation is at a younger age. China and India do it out of necessity. Necessity. Just take a look. I don't think that a group of rich people want everyone else dead. Who would they have for slaves? Who would they have to mindlessly buy their crappy products? Who would they have around to compare themselves to so they can know how rich they are? Sorry lefties I know how much you envy the lifestyle of rich and want to bring them down a peg or two but the simple fact is we've got more people than we have the resources and organizational skills to educate, feed and handle properly and sustainably.

So what we end up with is this huge population of uneducated and/or illogical who are too stupid or too ignorant or too thoughtless or simply too wrapped up in their own little bubble to realize that if the billions who live in abject poverty were to come anywhere close to their standard of living our beautiful planet would be wiped out! Infant mortality was so high in the past that people had lots of offspring to overcome this and carry on the bloodline – it is why reproductive urges are so strong and so hardwired into our biology, like every reproducing creature on this planet. The difference now is virtually every new child survives into adulthood, it is a wonderful blessing given to us by science and technology, but we have to realize that this gift cannot be given to us for free, it is off the back of insights provided to us by scientists. If we want low mortality rates, we have to produce less of them. Yes that sounds a little sterile and faceless but it is a simple consequence reducing fact.

You see the human race in general is not that advanced, it is only a tiny tiny percentage of the population that make the so called advances – and that is only an accumulation of knowledge and insight that the newer generations simply consume, distort and abuse. Our advanced way of life is propped up by the insights of these unique people. Put the average human being in the wilderness and they will be dead pretty soon. The average animal can survive a lot longer simply by using its instincts. All we use our instincts for now is to consume modern goods and services, instead of to survive, and our biology is being rewritten towards this trend – simply because we are given the means to, which itself is based on finite natural resources that are destined to run out, and where does that lead us?. The rich know this, they provide us with all these luxuries for us to buy because they are able to abuse our animal instincts so easily. The very essence of our animalist existence is being abused, and it makes so called freewill look like a complete illusion. On top of this, when the natural resources run out they become more expensive, increasing profit margins even further. It just shows how stupid and how short sighted our species really is on both ends of the social scale and how ‘humanity’ has no right to claim that it is superior in any way to dolphins, apes or indeed any of the charismatic creatures that occupy our world who have existed as a species far longer than 2 million years and never caused mass extinction and destruction of its host.

With a few exceptions, every social class of modern man is to blame, although for different reasons of which some are more morally corrupt that others, but the fact is, what is happening cannot be denied – the rich become corrupt and exploit the environment and the poor for profit, the middle class consume blindly to sustain their semi-comfortable, individualist lifestyles, and the poor who feel they have less to live for in this day and age are more prone to criminal acts, excessive procreation, tribalism and destroying the environment due to their sheer weight in numbers for their simple act of survival, and the fact that some of the richer ways of living does trickle down even to them. The irony is everyone is given a brain at birth to develop a sense of reason strong enough to overcome these impulsive cravings and see reality for what it really is. I mentioned blame before not in the sense of right and wrong from a moral point of view but simply that what is happening is happening, or in other words cause and effect.

The class system is self defeating, both the left and right of this simple minded political spectrum are too fixated about status and labels for their own emotional gratification that they eventually go against what they claim to believe is their ideological utopia, which makes me think that this irrational talk of ideology should be ignored and these people who fail to acknowledge simple facts should either be thrown out of an argument or given the chance to develop critical thinking skills and a sense of connection, otherwise I feel these people are simply too inferior to have serious involvement in decision making. Do not gasp, that is not a fascist statement or bigotry, it is simply promoting the fact that reality can only been seen in its truest form when all facts provided are taken at face value without self interest influencing cognitive judgment, of course we are all prone to it but there is such thing as making an effort.

To simply hate the rich or look down on the poor creates a divide which in the long term will be detrimental to the health of mankind and also our planet. In order to save ourselves from potential oblivion we all need a new form of aspiration that will lift us out of our collective infancy, which will raise living standards for everyone yet at the same time will have less of a negative social and environmental impact. Of course living standards cannot be raised if people are too emotionally attached to a certain way of life, which is why convincing people is going to be very difficult. Either they are shown in real terms what the consequences could be for them and their children and are given a choice as to what path they would rather follow, or we start a fresh with their children who have not yet become addicted through the education system, although that depends on how long we have before the tipping point.

We need to look beyond the one dimensional political spectrum and understand that there are many dimensions to this issue, socialism is parasitic and capitalism is cancerous, fascism is irrational, communism is stagnation, the other option, centrism is either abused by the likes of Tony Blair or is misunderstood by unpragmatic people for being indecisive. We need a healthy system that judges issues on their own merit using critical thinking, using a method of reason that will tame our animalistic shortcomings, whilst acknowledging that there are needs that do have to be fulfilled. The only way we can do that is if everyone looks at life in a more pragmatic way, connecting their emotional needs with the material world in a more disciplined and enlightened way, giving us a better understanding of the world and of each other. That is a philosophy; I know that sort of thing will never happen by choice until an appalling tragedy occurs at immense human cost, either by tyranny or by natural causes. It is the only way our species seems to learn anything, for example the tragedy of WW2, or the appalling state of communist Russia . The way things are going that is exactly what will happen, but at the end of the day that is how evolution works, and that is exactly what our global culture needs.

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