Tuesday, 19 October 2010

a new world order

The financial crisis was staged as part of a plot to transfer power from the developed world to vested interests and to place public funds in the hands of the global corporate elite in order to shape civilisation.

You only get this type of recession when you have massive wealth locked in a fraction of the population. We are experiencing a global crisis of OVERPRODUCTION. But this is a luxury recession. Thanks to industry being shifted to countries with cheap labour there is now too much of everything, and not enough in the Western world to simply be able to survive off the land.

The Orwellian society has continued to grow around us, and like the brutal religious leaders of the past ordinary people are being shaped without realising it. The first stage was to deindustrialise the west, get society addicted to consumerism and make them dependant on exports from other countries and easy credit, then hit them for six through the banking system.

Oil is running out, the global population is exploding and the west is over consuming. Something has to be done without making it overly obvious. We are but pawns to support the powers at hand as they dig their hands in our pockets for decades to come. We are expendable and we must continue to serve our masters and accept this as our fate and demonstrate humility and humbleness.

Unless We The People rise up with a rational exerted effort toward new energy technology and build whatever it takes to manufacture, erect plants, retool machinery there won't be a recovery in society as we know it.

To sum it up a doctor in America told his patient he only had 6 months to live, the patient said he couldnt afford his health bill so the doctor gave him another 6 months.

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