Monday, 16 March 2009

Typical monday morning

hmm what do I do today? what was I going to do today? did I lock the back door? did I remember to make my lunch? oh no im 2 minutes late for work, PANIC! Oh damn I forgot to brush my teeth. Oh shit, I have to say im very well when I walk into the office when infact I feel like crud. I have loads to do at work, where do I start? Oh shit I was meant to put the backup tape in on friday, *gets a telling off from his manager*. Stop fidgeting during a meeting says my manager... hmm did I remember to take my pills this morning...I cant remember. adrenaline levels rising (someone keeps coughing randomly and VERY loudly.. becoming unbearable...server whizzing away, drilling into my soul. Reaching breaking point....time to go home, darn someone is in the bathroom, I always have my bath as soon as I get home! grrrrrrr *bangs on bathroom door...OI HURRY UP I NEED MY BATH! Oh and now someone is using the microwave, I always have my dinner at 6 o clock. GRRR *takes out whatever is cooking in the microwave and puts his own food in there* Oh what now? someone has sent me a text asking if I fancy a drink tonight? Get stuffed you should have asked me last week so I can mentally prepare...!

Is someone talking to me? Im watching this documentary about the death of the universe, stop bothering me! Program is over, I ask what they wanted (40 mins later), im told to stop being so selfish, not sure what they mean so I lose my temper, throw a cup of coffee across the room and storm off. I put on a led zeppelin song, listen to it over and over again while surfing the net. Oh shit! its time for bed, it is 11.59 and 30 seconds... better take my pills, brush my teeth, go toilet. hmm did I just take my pills? I cant remember, better take em again incase I forgot I dont want a brainstorm in the middle of the night.

Same again tomorrow!

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