Thursday, 25 February 2010

Socialism is not the answer

We may have been at the mercy of the greedy capitalist bankers recently, but why do left wingers seem to indulge on short sighted issues at the long term expense of the majority? Here’s why, they have no concept of the future or indeed the survival of 'their hive' and the vital decisions that are required. I find that as irresponsible and as uncompassionate as one could possibly get, indulging in assumption, ignorance, passionate indecision and indeed more erroneous decisions as a whole at the expense of real social, technological, ecological, creative, and economical prosperity. They forget that life is cruel to be kind by default, which there have always been winners and losers, eagerly brushing that simple fact under the carpet, pretending it doesn’t exist, at their peril.

The socialist ideal that everybody deserves to win just because they exist, regardless of effort or circumstance will always be countered by an inflated number of losers in practice, unless the true facts of life are accepted. You cannot ignore the facts of natural order, something we depend on for our way of life, not to mention for our very survival. Nothing is above the law, in this case natural law. They appear to be in denial about anything beyond their one dimensional, outdated agenda because they fail to comprehend the insignificance of their own lifespan, or in the case of a democracy their own term in office.

Unlike reckless, capitalistic boom and bust, sustained progress for everybody involves a planned step by step advancement in all areas, in a specific direction, driven by a suppression of impulse and a embracing austerity to fuel the cause, both of which can only ever be driven by either a collective desire to embrace intellect, or by brute force. I know which one I would rather choose, but I also know which one has to be the reality if it is going to happen, and it has to soon because time is running out. You cannot simply put faith in something you cannot control or fully understand (just because it is stirring an animalistic emotion) without eventual consequences that end up going against what they were aiming to prevent in the first place.

Socialism doesn’t work, because it acts, as it must, through the state, and in its interactions with people, there is always at least one party forced to participate who is abused, exploited and not acknowledged according to their circumstances.
Socialism simply satisfies the powerful emotion of envy, exploiting nonconformists like a downtrodden piece of crap.

It is like cancer; it starts out slowly, and grows until it wipes out the host it invaded. Like a religion it purports to offer a solution to human problems and offers people an excuse and a false solace against the inevitable traumas of life, simplified to a point to which the masses are able to comprehend, having it packaged as though it is a miracle solution because in the end people see what they want to see. This over simplification is lethal in practice against a complicated human and ecological world, which exploits every weakness of a flawed system by its very nature.

The concept of socialism isn't how the world works at all and it has never worked that way; it is just a fanciful construct that a few hard-line, supposedly hard done by left-wingers hold onto because reality is far more complicated than they can bare to face.

It’s very political structure denies incentive; innovation and information, which in turn leads to eventual dissatisfaction, laziness, ignorance, waste, inefficient use of resources and possible war. A civilization does not advance like that; the laws of nature which we are effectively dependent on (even in a world of technology) are not compatible with such a concept.

It can never be sustained on a scale larger than a local community such as a tribe or an extended family as everybody needs a reason to participate. Until every single human being willingly cooperates towards a common goal, and sustains it, the system just decays into a complete mess, unless they are forced to, which then goes against the left wing principle. If you leave everything to the common people alone, society will eventually live in caves like beasts, struggling to light a fire, fighting over the scraps, then the capitalistic survival of fittest ruthlessly takes over due to the personal will to exist, resulting in pain and misery on a scale much larger than what the creators of the socialist system wanted to move away from. That is the evil behind it.

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