Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A Guided Sleepwalk

Hitler and Stalin would blush with inadequacy at the scale of this revolution fought against the free nations of the world without a shot being fired, engineered with financial weapons and aggressive social engineering. The oh-so-moralistic-on-the-outside socialists jump on anyone who dares to defy them with common sense, yet they are determined to ignore best interests of the majority, bombarding them with lies and deciete just so they are given what they want. That level of greed is on a par with ruthless capitalism.

The tragedy is the so called 'free thinking' public are too succeptable to suggestion, as much as they might resist, and willfully point their arses into the air and gladly accept a good rogering, whether they know it is happening or not. What has gone wrong? Are the real free thinkers becoming too much of a minority to make a difference, or is free thought an illusion? For example, (one of many scenarios) you have to wonder what people think about day to day when their daily lifestyles are directly fueling the extinction of the orangutan. People have become so ingrained into their own little non-world that they are too conditioned to even care. As a result they have deliberately been denied the whole facts that they are supposedly entitled to in a free world in order to maximise profits for the products they consume, which is being done directly and indirectly. Some facts might be there but too many people choose to ignore them because it is easy option, fueling the positive feedback loop.

We have become so complacent regarding personal liberties that the negative consequences are starting to outweigh the benefits on a level unseen in the history of humankind. To forcefully take all power away from the people is just as damaging as giving power to the people. Knowledge IS power, but are the people ready to accept the truth/knowledge, as harsh and as brutal as it is? Not a chance we are too conditioned to accept ambiguity that we are ignoring what really matters. Never has britain and for that matter the whole planet been under so much threat wth such little understanding of realisation.

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