Saturday, 8 May 2010

Politics...The election aside... the reality

People have moaned n whined about the pathetic state of this country for years. Then they actually DON'T vote that idiot out.

There seems to be a lot of people with very short memories. Every Time we have had a Labour government we have had a recession. Yeah granted this recession is not down to Brown personally. But it is how to deal with the recession that makes the difference. All of you who feel that Labours ideas of borrowing more money, continuing with waste and not making any cuts are in any way going to bring the country out of the recession are barking.


Yes the Tories are now to make cuts, but that is because inevitably they follow a Labour government and know that is the only way to pay off debt.

And yes the Tories give tax breaks to the rich....But then the rich have more money then to re-invest into the country providing more jobs.

And on the subject of tax credits and the like. Why should it it deemed right for people to have kids willy-nilly and then look to the government to give them benefit. Should be simple, You want kids, make sure you can support them. You can't support them then use contraception and save the country money. Why should I have to pay to bring your kids up? But please bear in mind this doesnt apply to families who do make the effort but need that little bit of extra help, it is all about the 'career moms' who get twice what I earn through hard work every month in benefits.

People have short memories! Firstly, The Labour government inherited an enviable financial position from John Major when Tony Blair came into power. The tough choices that were made by John Major were unpopular but got the country back in a good fiscal position. But this government have blown that and put us in a position whereby the government are spending £4 for every £3 it receives. If this isn’t sorted soon, then we will end up like Greece. It really is that serious.

A solution will not come from Labour here. They are too entrenched in unions and commitments they cant meet. Regardless of the politics, there are 2 fundamental differences between Labour and the Conservatives. Labour will tax you to the hilt and then spend your money unwisely. Conservatives will tax you less and leave you to spend your money unwisely. I know which choice I would take!

By going with Labour you're saying YES to benefit fraud, mass spenditure at a rate of £5000 a minute minimum, Brussels controlling our laws and regulations, an inevitable joining of the Euro, more uncapped immigration from both inside and outside the EU, an ever decreasing NHS and overcrowded classrooms for our children..

Anyone who has studied history knows that the European experiment is just that - an experiment with a maximum 50 year life expectancy and that is probably generous. The EU would have been far better off staying as a trading club but the Empire builders and would be Napoleons still exist in mainland Europe and they have built an edifice which again will not stand the test of history. Britain always would have been better off living outside this madness but at least it stayed out of the EURO and privately even the pro-EU lobby must be thanking their Gods for that.

Just where all this money comes from to bail out Greece is puzzling, the USA is bankrupt, even Germany has a huge deficit and everyone is borrowing on the strength of taxes yet to be collected 10 years from now. The printing presses must be pumping out Dollars, Pounds and EUROs as fast as they can and has we have seen in the recent crash all the 'funny money' generated by banks and computers is not even as real as toilet paper. Where will it all end? - well its not hard to predict the end of the EURO and the break-up of the EU , we should all welcome that and get back to real life as trading nations and stop wasting money on this club which was only ever designed for the rich bankers and money markets who have shown us very clearly their experiment is a failure and they can't be trusted. Hard times ahead but Britain will benefit in the long run if the idea of the EU is consigned to the history books in the chapter marked 'bad ideas of the last century'.

Mostly oil rich Arab states and the biggest Casino player of all- China will get fatter. If we all default the entire of Europe gets re-planted as paddy fields with the dryer bits used for camel racing. It is competition that shapes winners and losers. The European experiment was a huge success in bringing most countries, with the initial stimulus of the Marshall plan to a pinnacle of prosperity in the '90s. But no system can survive unless its undelying wealth creation apparatus can compete.

If your mind can travel back a century or more when the UK was the workshop of the world, we had unlimited wealth and un-dreamed of international power, but our factory workers in Manchester lived lives of extreme poverty, with no health or education and died in their 40's. We learned over many years to balance the needs of capitalism with the needs of people and the EU enshrined these principles so that we all enjoyed a good long life with minimum wages, access to education and welfare. We simply now have to address the issue of competion with the powers in the East, we have failed to do that for the last 50 or so years, and now look at us.

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